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Passion for beaches

Jul 3, 2015

ibeach logo

Consultants and students of Specialisterne Spain have collaborated in a project conducted by the company Agbar, helping to develop an app called iBeach, setting a new example of how people with ASD can be especially suitable professionals for certain types of job.

iBeach is an app made for iOS and Android by Agbar, that provides a great deal of information about the 3,500 beaches in Spain, and more than 18,000 beaches in Southern Europe.

Agbar developed the software, while the Specialisterne team was hired to locate, collect and format the information about the majority of the 18,000 beaches. This required searching on the Internet using several different languages, to find data and images to be formatted and placed in the data bank. It was also necessary to adapt all the data and images, so they fitted the database format.

In the iBeach app, each beach has its location, photos, weather, and (if possible) flag colour, water quality, and the presence of jelly fish detailed. With iBeach it’s possible to find remote locations and protected beaches, with good weather, that aren’t overcrowded, and everything you need to choose the best beaches for every taste.